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The Latest Hairstyles For The Modern Male

The Latest Hairstyles For The Modern Male

By Sep 28, 2016 Comments Off on The Latest Hairstyles For The Modern Male

The launch of Fashion Week around the world presents not only a preview of new season fashion soon to hit our local department stores and high streets but also a look at the latest hair trends, cuts and styles.
We have collated some inspiring looks from around the globe to try or incorporate into your look:



Defined Waves:

This style is all about natural movement and finish, with a ‘less is more’ approach when using styling products.
To get this look, apply a pliable forming cream for shape and natural shine.

Tip: After applying a forming cream, blow-dry hair away from your face using your fingers to direct hair into place and give the look its shape and volume.








Short & Textured:

This shorter style is easy to wear and low maintenance.
The shorter sides give neatness to this overall look, which can take you from your ‘9-5’ to an ‘after 5’ look seamlessly.

To achieve this short textured look, use a texturising paste with a strong hold and low sheen finish.






Sleek & Parted:

If you are after a style that will suit most hair types and length then this is it.
This slicked to the side, deeply side-parted style gives a look of suave,  sophistication.

Tip: Use a high shine, strong holding wax to comb hair into position.







Lastly, use our Barber Consultation tool to see which product is best for you to manage any greys that might have crept through and have fun embracing the new season looks and styles.


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