It’s only natural to want to look and feel our best and that drives us to present ourselves in the best way possible each day. Naturally as we get older, our battle against the signs of ageing and sins of our youth begins. Whether it be keeping fit to avoid predisposed weight gain, protecting our skin from further sun damage or dying our hair to get rid of those grey hairs, we can all agree that it can feel like an unwinnable battle. Until now.

Scientists have identified for the first time the IRF4 gene to be responsible for causing those dreaded grey hairs, with the buzz being that one day we may be able to slow down or block the gene’s influence altogether. Men and women the world over, thrilled by the possibility that themselves along with future generations may be spared from going grey, eagerly await further progress!

But let’s not forget the grey-haired men and women who long for a solution?
From those who are getting the odd grey coming through and those quite grey already, there are many solutions that can effectively get rid of the grey without the science experiment – and they CAN definitely look natural check out this site.
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For more information on the grey hair gene IRF4, the research was published in the journal Nature Communications.