A recent neuroscience study has uncovered scientific proof to make any ‘silver fox’ out there seriously consider getting rid of some of those greys, or at the very least manage their salt and pepper look with a little less salt!

Neuroscience was used in the study to measure a large and robust sample of respondents brain activity in response to men with grey and men with natural looking coloured hair. The study uncovered many benefits for those men with natural looking coloured hair who had covered their greys as oppose to those who were grey and chose not to do anything about them.

Specifically, females and in particular, the aged over 40 showed a spike in preference for those males with natural looking coloured hair. Meaning they were better perceived than those with grey hair.

Click on the video below to learn more about the study results or read the full D’MARGE post here: <a href="http://www sertraline drug.dmarge.com/2015/11/women-prefer-men-with-coloured-hair.html”>http://www.dmarge.com/2015/11/women-prefer-men-with-coloured-hair.html