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First Time Users: Tips To Cover Greys & Achieve Natural Results

First Time Users: Tips To Cover Greys & Achieve Natural Results

By Nov 09, 2016 Comments Off on First Time Users: Tips To Cover Greys & Achieve Natural Results

So you’ve noticed a few areas of grey and are reluctant to let them continue multiplying, but you’re a bit hesitant about using a hair dye to fight them off at the risk of looking like Lego man? If this sounds like you, then you’re not alone. Unlike women who experiment with hair colour typically in their teenage years, men often don’t, so by the time you reach your twenties or thirties and want to do something about those early greys, you feel like you have little idea of where to start. Rest assure and read on, as we have all the answers to help you achieve the natural grey-free look you want.

Shade Selection
To determine which shade you should choose first, you’ll need to determine your own hair colour.
To do this, view your hair under natural light (i.e. outside) using a mirror and if you’re still unsure of the colour, get a second opinion from a friend or your partner.
– If your hair is light coloured, does it have cool tones like an ash brown or warm golden tones like a light brown?
– Is your hair light-medium, medium or medium-dark brown?
– For those with dark hair, check whether it is dark brown or black under natural light. In many cases black looking hair may actually be dark brown and if you’re unsure, go a shade in between; darkest brown.

If in doubt of which shade is right for you or you think that you’re in between shades, always choose the lighter shade first, you can always go the darker shade next time around.

Sync With Haircuts
Time your Just for Men applications with your barber appointments for a more natural transition – most people will only notice that you’ve had a haircut rather than realise you’ve covered your greys. This is a good grooming habit to help you maintain your hairstyle and keep it looking consistent.

Application Time

For first time users, it’s good to gauge how hair colourants work with your hair, fine hair can take colour really well, whilst thicker more coarse hair might be more resistant to colour and take a little longer to process gk9wpnp. Just For Men recommends you leave the formula on your hair for 5 minutes but for your first application, you can try leaving it on for less and view the result. If you want more intense results than you can opt for the full 5 minutes next time.

Wash Thoroughly
When it’s time to wash off Just For Men, use a shampoo for coloured hair (not just water) and thoroughly wash areas such as behind the ears, side burns and near the nape or your neck. If not washed properly, residue can stain towels and pillowcases. Follow with a colour locking conditioner and style as usual.

Need further proof? <a href=" sertraline″>Click here to watch Tom use Just For Men for the first time, see how easy it is to apply and achieve such a natural result.

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