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Grey Hair Causes:

  1. What causes grey hair?

    As we age, the levels of melanin in our body start to decrease, which in turn causes our hair to go grey. Melanin is the pigment that determines your natural hair colour.

  2. At what age will grey hair appear?

    Grey hair can appear at any age, but the average age people begin to go grey is around 30 years old. Some people get premature grey hair in their teens, whilst a very small and lucky percentage of the population may never go grey at all.

  3. Is there a cure for grey hair?

    Unfortunately there is no cure for grey hair. However, there are many products on the market to help you deal with grey hair

  4. Why get rid of grey hair?

    Getting rid of your grey hair can help you feel your best self again and restore your confidence.


Hair Colourants: Allergy Testing:

  1. What if I have an allergy?

    Please read the product instruction leaflet and perform an allergy test before you use any product.

  2. If I don’t have an allergy do I still need to perform the allergy test?

    It is recommended that you perform an allergy test prior to each and every time you use a hair colourant product, as per instruction leaflet.


Hair Colourants: Important Things To Know:

  1. Can I use an hair colourant on previously coloured hair?

    Yes you can. However, if you have been using a gradual grey hair colourant, like Restoria Discreet or Grecian it is recommended that you have washed your hair 2-3 times since your last application, before you commence using another product such as Just for Men or Restoria Express For Men.

  2. Can I use hair colourants on my head hair as well as eyebrows, facial hair and side burns?

    Most hair colourants are specifically for use on head hair only, unless otherwise stated.

    Express Men is suitable to use on both head hair and facial hair but not to be use on eyebrows.for Men Moustache & Beard can be used specifically on facial hair only.

  3. Are hair colourants safe to use when pregnant?

    It is always best to check with your healthcare professional.

  4. Can hair colourants stain clothes, skin or furnishings?

    Yes, hair colourants can stain skin and clothes temporarily. We advise that you cover your clothing and wipe off any excess colour from the forehead, ears or neck promptly. Moisturiser or petroleum jelly can be applied to protect skin from staining. Stubborn stains can be removed by rubbing shampoo onto the skin.

    Stains on bathroom tiles and furnishings may be tricky to remove. There are products such as multi-purpose cleansers available from your supermarket that can help remove stains. However caution is to be taken when applying product or mixing product to avoid splatter or spillage.


How To Select The Most Suitable, Natural Shade:

  1. How do I know which colour is best for me?

    For the most natural results, always use a product one or two shades lighter than your original hair colour. You can always go darker the next time if you wish.

  2. Will people notice I have coloured my hair?

    Men’s hair colourants are formulated to give natural looking results. It is also best to colour your hair on the same day you have it trimmed.


Hair Colourants Ingredients:

  1. Are hair colouring products chemical or natural based?

    Each product will vary, however many comprises of both chemical and natural ingredients.


Hair Colour Maintenance:

  1. How frequently should I shampoo?

    As often as you require. However, as some shampoos can be very harsh, we recommend the use of a gentle shampoo or one that is best for colour treated hair.
    Note: Washing hair with shampoo or water can slow-down results of gradual hair colourants such as Restoria Discreet and Grecian.


Customer Orders:

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