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Expert Tips To Grow & Maintain Your Moustache

Expert Tips To Grow & Maintain Your Moustache

By Nov 04, 2016 Comments Off on Expert Tips To Grow & Maintain Your Moustache

Whether you’re growing one for Movember or because they’re on trend, not all MO’s are made equal. To make sure yours is looking it’s finest along with with the best of them, there are a few tips and tricks that will get you there.


  1. Goal Setting
    Firstly, before you start growing your moustache, be sure you have an idea of the style that you want to achieve and with that make sure it is one that will suit your own personal style and your face.  Secondly, every man’s facial hair grows at different rates, some can grow a full ‘stache in a month but others may take longer to get there helpful resources. Be mindful of what is possible and above all be patient, put in the ground work and you’ll soon reap the rewards.
  2. Tools At The Ready
    Be prepared to MO with these mandatories:
    – Beard Trimmer
    – Facial Hair Scissors
    – Moustache comb
    – Beard Shampoo and Conditioner
    – Moustache Wax

  3. Get Growing
    In the first few weeks while your moustache is coming along, make sure you are regularly exfoliating the skin to prevent ingrown hairs which can add to the itch factor (yes, during these first few weeks your upper lip will get itchy!). Look out for patchy and sparse areas, these may have a slower growth rate and may dictate the style of moustache you can achieve early on in the piece.
  4. Shape It Right
    Once you’ve got a bit of length, use your beard trimmer to help shape your moustache, making sure each side mirrors the other and finishes at the same point (this is obvious but it can be tricky to do). As the moustache starts to grow and thicken, you can start using facial scissors to trim strays hairs and those above the lip. Be sure to regularly comb your moustache as it will help train the hairs to sit in the right direction and applying a small amount of moustache will help achieve gravity defying styles such as the ‘Handlebar’ or ‘Dali.’
  5. Nourish & Nurture
    Keep your MO clean and fresh by investing in wash specific for facial hair and use it regularly, as no man wants a stale-smelling-stache sitting just below the nose! You can finish off with a conditioner unless you are following up with moustache wax which will do the same job.
  6. Make Maintenance A Priority
    Once you have achieved your desired moustache style don’t stop there, weekly maintenance including trimming and shaping will make sure your MO is always looking its best. You may also notice a number of tones in your moustache; ginger and blonde hairs are common even for brown-haired men, plus it’s normal for men to get grey hairs first in their facial hair too. For an easy fix, simply apply Just for Men Moustache & Beard every 5 weeks to manage uneven tones, greys and give a fuller, well-groomed looking MO.


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