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How To Brief The Barber On A New Hairstyle

How To Brief The Barber On A New Hairstyle

By Apr 19, 2017 Comments Off on How To Brief The Barber On A New Hairstyle

Recently inspired by a new hairstyle you’ve seen on the streets or as worn by the latest trend-setting celebrity, but not sure how to get the look yourself or explain it to your barber? We have 4 simple steps to help you achieve that style:

  1. Get The Style Right
    Before firmly deciding on a new hairstyle, take into account your face shape to make sure the hairstyle will suit you. Look to your hairdresser or barber for advice, as they will know what will work with your face shape and facial structure, as well as taking into account your personal style and your hair type.
  1. Show & Tell
    If you have a specific style in mind and you are confident it will work for you, make sure you bring a photo of it along to your appointment. If you have multiple angle shots showing the sides, back and front – even better!
    Additionally, be very descriptive of how you want the style to look (i.e. longer top with shorter sides, or a textured top etc.) so both your barber and you are on the same page.
  1. Tips & Tricks
    Whilst at the barbers, ask them to show you some tips and tricks on how you can style your new ‘do’ at home to maintain the look – they are the experts, right? And, be sure to find out what products you might need to stock-up on. A good barber will be able to recommend the right products to give you a strong or light hold, natural finish, low sheen or high shine to suit your desired look.
  1. Grey Control
    After a haircut is the best time to get rid of those greys, as people will only notice your new style. Restoria Express Men lets you get rid of those first greys and allows for multiple applications from the one pack. Simply brush the formula into the grey areas and rinse after 5 minutes. It’s simple! Buy Restoria Express now!

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