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Bathroom Rationalisation: What To Keep, Bin & Give Away

Bathroom Rationalisation: What To Keep, Bin & Give Away

By Sep 28, 2016 Comments Off on Bathroom Rationalisation: What To Keep, Bin & Give Away

Whether you live alone or share a bathroom with your family or partner, one thing we all have in common is the constant struggle for storage space. Ironically, the products in our bathroom cupboards seem to multiply as time goes on, plus who really needs 5 different face moisturisers, right?
With the new season upon us, now is the best time to clear out that bathroom cupboard and benchtop and make some room with a little guidance from us!

Expired Products:

Aftershaves and colognes have a lifespan of many years, so long as they have been stored correctly.
Clear out those that have lost their usual scent, changed colour or are smelling a bit strange or alcoholic. Additionally, your preference in scent may have changed over the years, so if you no longer like a particular fragrance, find someone to give it to who does.

Cleansers, moisturises, shaving gels, hair care and sunscreens will last generally about 1-2 years once opened, a little longer if they are packaged within a pump dispensing bottle. Exposure to air, light and bacteria can cause the product to break down or lose its effectiveness, so best to make sure your products are in date so they are serving their purpose!

Seasonal & ‘IT’ Products:

We all have those impulse purchases and seasonal products taking up precious room; such as that novelty scented shaving cream your partner couldn’t stand, the high shine hair polish from three seasons ago or that moustache wax that you forgot about and now need a moustache again to use it. It’s time you binned all the above and anything else that you no longer need or have any use for.

Multiples & Duplicates:

Duplicates of products that have the same purpose (i.e. face creams and cleansers), or multiples of the one product that you won’t get time to use before they expire (i.e. hair styling products) clog-up your bathroom cupboards.
Don’t let them go to waste, products that are sealed and unopened or partially used can earn you some extra cash on eBay or you can give them away to someone who may like to use it.

Tip: Look for old rusty razors and blades that might be hiding in draws, showers and cupboards and move them swiftly to the bin take a look at the site here.

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