Long gone are the days of trimming your own hair; one hand holding the scissors and the other holding the secondary mirror reflecting the back of your head. Similarly, getting your partner to give you an all over cut or even heading to the chain hairdresser down the street is no longer the way blokes are getting their hair done.

These days if men need a haircut, trim or want to reshape their facial hair – you can be sure to find them at their local barbers. Barber shops are taking local neighbourhoods and inner city “High Streets” by storm. This once old-time profession, is now servicing the modern male and if you haven’t already experienced the warm, friendly and professional service given at your local barber shop, we have put together a few reasons as to why you should book that appointment with a barber sooner rather than later:

You Barber:

  • Gets to know your personal look and style, ensuring you leave looking the way you want. No wild spur-of-the-moment cuts or colours!
  • Can suggest new styles that will suit your face shape, and share grooming tips and techniques for you to follow to extend the longevity of your look, long after your visit.
  • Can help you manage your greys and recommend products like Just For Men Moustache & Beard to simply apply before your next professional shave. Your moustache or beard will look fuller and thicker too!
  • Will spend countless hours with you over many years of service, will get to know you well and soon enough become a good friend and style adviser that will keep you looking on trend and be there for years to come.